CIF FN SCAR 17 Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accesorries COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE
SCAR25 MOD 2 (Megnezium) $520.00   H1001
SCAR25 (Aluminum) - Black hard anodized $399.00   H1002
SCAR25 (Aluminum) - Original Cerakote Finish $427.00   H1003
SCAR TACTICAL BRONZE (custom Cerakote color) +$50.00   HS101
SCAR MATCH (matches anodized upper) +$50.00   HS102
SCAR TACTICAL GRAY (custom Color for black rifles) +$50.00   HS103
Certified installation of parts (not including shipping) +$50.00   HS103


  • Aluminum receiver is stronger than the factory plastic, and will not crack in extreme cold or become pliable in extreme heat.
  • Will accept Any AR-15 pistol grip
  • No modification of FN LPK needed for install
  • Lighter and stronger than factory lower when using full combat load out.
  • Uses a proven and readily available US magazine design with a over 50 year track record.
  • Cost of magazines are approximately 3:1
  • Variety of magazine options and compatibility with other platforms.
  • Exterior appearance resembles original lower

9x FN Factory SCAR-H magazines weights 2.34lbs. 9x Magpul P-Mag 20 .308 magazines weights 1.44lbs.. Weight savings of .9lbs. SCAR25 lower weights (X), that is a total combat load weight savings of (X).


  • Material: Billet Aluminum 7075 T6
  • Coating: Type III Hard Coat (Black or FN Tan)
  • Coating Notes: FN Tan = Units are anodized for material protection and hardness then painted with mil spec ceramic paint per contract for color consistency.
  • Magazine: SR-25, M110, MAGPUL .308 P-Mag, and like mags
  • Grip: ANY AR-15 Style Grip