CIF Pistol Cerakote Refinishing Service

Stripped Pistol Cerakote Refinish Service COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE
Stripped Pistol Frame (Polymer, Steel, Aluminum ) $85 ** G1001
Stripped Pistol Slide (most handguns) $70 ** G1002
Stripped Pistol Frame + Slide (most handguns) $150   G1003
Pistol Frame Complete (most handguns) $150 ** G1010
Pistol Slide Complete (most handguns) $100 ** G1011
1911 Pistol Cerakote Refinish Service COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE
Stripped 1911 Frame + Slide + External Parts $180   G1004
1911 pistol complete $250 ** G1005
1911 Pistol complete & Dehorn Frame + Flide $350 ** G1007
Pistol & Revolver Cerakote Refinish Service COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE
Glock Complete $220 ** G1020
CZ/Sig large capacity 9mm/.40 $290   G1021
XDM Complete $230   S1001
Desert Eagle (.357 & 44) $350   D1001
Small Parts, magazines /each $25   S1011
Pistol Barrel (any pistol except Desert Eagle) $40   S2023
Revolver (small to medium frame) $220   R1001
Revolver (large frame) $295   R1001
Pocket Pistol (.380 and smaller) $195   G1008
Silencer Cerakote Refinish Service COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE
Pistol Silencer (surface only) $50   X1001
Pistol Silencer (surface and baffle stack) $100   X1002
Barrel Tooling $20
2 Cerakote colors $40   P3031
3 Cerakote colors $60   P3032

CIF Rifle Cerakote Refinishing Service

Rifle Cerakote Refinish Service - AR15 COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE
Includes:  upper, lower, handguard rail,  push pins, selector  (disassembly/reassembly)
Barrel and gas block (+$50)
$290   R1001
AR15 Upper Complete (disassembly/reassembly) $90   R1010
AR15 Lower Complete (disassembly/reassembly) $90   R1020
AR15 Barrel (includes gas block) $80   R1030
AR15 Aluminum Handguard Rail (1 piece) $90   R1040
AR15 Magazine $25   R1050
AR15 Stripped Lower or Upper $75   R1060
AR15 Polymer Buttstock or Polymer Handguard $75   R1060
Flash Hider - any caliber $25   F1001
Optics (Scopes, ACOG, ELCAN) - air dry Cerakote $95   S1001
Rifle Cerakote Refinish Service - Other COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE
AK 47 Complete (incl. Barrel & Block) $295   R1060
HK MP5/94/91/93/SP89 (upper, steel lower, barrel) $250 ++ R1070
HK MP5/94/91/93/SP89 (steel lower) $50   R1080
Hunting Rifle Complete 
Includes: Bolt, Action, Barrel, Drop Plate
$290   R1090
Hunting Rifle Action & Bolt ONLY $150   R2010
Shotgun Complete     
Includes: Action, Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Barrel 
$290   R2020
Rifle Silencer (welded construction) $75   X1003
Parts and Accesorries COST NOTE PRODUCT CODE